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photography & videography in London

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Photography & Film making


Content is king. The world has come to expect high quality digital content 


Welcome to PhotoVideo.UK


We're a small team of photographers and videographers based in London (SW5), Tunbridge Wells and East Sussex.

We offer tailored photography & videography for brands, social media, instagram, training, interviews, testimonials and more.

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Social Media Content

More than ever, social media like Instagram can be even more important, with users spending an average of 28 minutes a day on the platform.

We can help you develop engaging and regular content on an ad-hoc or monthly basis.

Let us shoot, edit and upload photos and videos to your account for you.


Photography & Videography

Because sometimes you need both! Our camera operators are experienced film makers and photographers and use specialist equipment for both fields.

Working the two together allows you to save time and budget

Step 1

Ascertain your vision: We like to chat and discuss exactly what you are looking for and your vision for the project. We want to make sure that we are all on the same page right from the beginning. 

Step 2

Pre-production: We will work together with you to develop a script/shot list. Once we have this, we will organise the locations and the equipment needed for the shoot.

Step 3

Production: Our team of industry professionals will carry out the shoot using the appropriate cameras, lighting, microphones etc.

Step 4

Post-production: We shall edit the footage into 3 polished photos/videos of your specification. You can then review the edits and suggest changes – we want to ensure you are completely happy with the final result.


Our work


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My work
Smile Time Teeth
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Twinings Tea
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The Fruit
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Based in London (SW5), Tunbridge Wells and East Sussex

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